…and Teddy can most probably design a rocketship.
- Chris Tatrn, Designer
Teddy is a great asset for any team serious about growing their business.
- Steve Mack, Accountant
…equally skilled at both the creative and technical aspects of marketing communications.
Bob Rodgers, Designer
His work ethic was matched only by his determination to complete any task thrown his way.
Jeff Stone, Designer
…you won’t find a nicer person as he is always professional in communications and demeanor and is perpetually pleasant.
Steve Windom, Designer
Teddy is one of the most erudite, well-informed and capable young men it has been my privilege to know.
Bob Adelmann, Business Owner
If you are looking…to give your company a higher level of zing, you needn’t look any further.
- Pam Jedynak, Copywriter
We are so grateful for Teddy and everything he has done…
Lisa Newman, Business Owner



In today’s world, an effective marketing team requires a greater diversity of roles than any other in a small or mid-sized business.

For every creative-type writing irresistible copy or designing a compelling flyer, there is a front end developer coding a landing page, or an analyst compiling data into a report to help the entire team improve on the next campaign. Forget about left- or right-brained; as they collaborate with each other and other departments, it’s clear that most members of the team are both-brained.

As if requiring that breadth of skills from a single team wasn’t daunting enough, the goal posts of marketing strategy are moved on a daily basis.

Consumers evolve with the release of each new social network, device, and operating system, and as new techniques to reach them and relate to them are developed, old stalwarts such as direct mail, email marketing, and content production remain as important as ever.

So just who do you tap to oversee such a vital department, with such a diverse roster, in such a volatile field?

Probably someone who is:

  • VERSATILE, experienced in wide range of roles, both creative and technical.
  • INNOVATIVE, keeping a finger on the pulse of the rapidly-evolving marketing field.
  • PRODUCTIVE and ENERGETIC, able to drive measurable results.
  • FLEXIBLE and POSITIVE, evolving quickly and leading effectively.

Hi. My name is Teddy.

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