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“Character, in the long run, is the decisive factor in the life of an individual...” -TR
Flexible & Positive
Experienced & Innovative
Results-Oriented & Energetic
Frequent Deadlines, Multiple Projects

Recommended by:

Pam Jedynak
Teddy Otero represents the highest level of creative and remarkably talented Web Designer. A genuine pleasure to work with, Teddy always lends a special “touch above” to his projects, giving them that coveted extra sparkle. He consistently thinks outside the box, researches current trends, and keeps his finger on the pulse of the industry, interpreting that into clever, winning advertising that consistently entices our customer. If you are looking for someone to give your company and your products a higher level of zing, you needn’t look any further — Teddy is golden. What an amazingly skilled, incredibly creative, and extremely positive asset he will be to your program!


Steve Mack
I worked with Teddy for about a year at VPE Global. In addition to savvy marketing skills Teddy showed he understood the numbers side of the business. He pushed to find revenue opportunities in challenging situations to help the enterprise achieve its goals. Teddy is a great asset for any team serious about growing their business.


Lisa Newman
Teddy always takes care of any problems we have within the office in a timely manner but where he really helps us out is with our SEO. Teddy has kept us at the top of the list for Childcare Centers in Colorado Springs. He stays on top of everything for us without us even knowing. We are so grateful for Teddy and everything he has done for Little Sprouts.


Bob Rodgers
I have worked with Teddy for over three years and have found him to be the rare kind of employee who is equally skilled at both the creative and technical aspects of marketing communications. He is bright, motivated, a quick learner, and has stayed abreast of new internet trends and technologies. Teddy is also very good at communicating with co-workers and management. He would make a great liaison between creative and technical (IT) groups.


Jeff Stone
While working with Teddy he always showed great knowledge and skill. He provided great support in every project we worked on. His work ethic was matched only by his determination to complete any task thrown his way.


Chris Tatrn
Teddy is a talented designer who has a brilliant mind. He can design for print, he can design for the web, he can program for the web, he can plan social-media, and he can most probably design a rocket ship. Teddy is also very easy to get along with and works well with others.


Lisa Yudin
Teddy is a rarity in the creative world. He possesses a unique combination of creative and technical abilities. A wonderful combo when applied to advertising/marketing creative. His versatility, creative talent and technical knowledge would make him an asset to any business. He is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him.


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